I can say with total confidence that my system has never sounded better. This is a stunning arm!

SUPATRAC Blackbird

Blackbird is a new turntable tone arm with an evolved bearing design (patent in process) which outperforms traditional tone arms.

Sideways Uni-Pivot Arm (SUPA)

Supatrac blackbird's sideways uni-pivot bearing directly opposes stylus drag at a single point of contact, avoiding bearing chatter, slippage, and any play in the time axis.

Zero Tolerance

Whatever the temperature, and however old your Supatrac bearing, it has no gap and shouldn't rub during use. Supatrac's zero tolerance bearing is immune to heat, wear, and lubricant decay. Supatrac's bearing is designed not to deteriorate with age.

Sacrificial Bearing

Despite the robustness of Supatrac's zero-tolerance bearing, if you want the peace of mind of factory-fresh parts, you can replace the pivot point in less than two minutes without dismantling your turntable.

Reactive Downforce

Loud passages increase stylus drag, producing oscillating vertical torque around the tone arm's pivot. Supatrac tracks a little firmer when the going gets rough by increasing downforce during loud dynamics, all but eliminating the raspy sound of mistracking which has plagued vinyl playback for a century.

Time Axis Uni-Pivot

Supatrac is designed to be rigid in the axis which matters: the groove's time axis. It never skips a beat, never smoothes over a detail, and never wastes the raw energy of the musical signal. The single point tungsten bearing directly opposes oscillating drag forces from the cartridge so slipping and timing errors don't confuse the retrieval of music.

Universal Uni-Pivot

Supatrac blackbird is designed to be lightweight and stable, fitting almost any turntable including classics like Linn, Technics, Garrard, Rega and many more. The arm suspension obstructs the freedom to roll in the azimuth axis which can compromise ordinary uni-pivot arms.

Buy One

The first twelve-inch blackbird has been sold and installed on a Technics SL-1000R, and a batch of Linn geometry/mount arms are shipping. Contact Supatrac if you are interested in buying a Blackbird (price: £1500, ready to install), please contact Supatrac.


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